David desJardins Home Page

In 2002, I received a PhD from the Department of Mathematics at the University of California at Berkeley. You can read my dissertation.

Here are some older pictures of me (click on thumbnail to view picture and caption):

You can also visit Nancy and David's Home Page to see me with my wife and children. Or the desJardins Family Home Page for my parents and siblings.

Some things I have written or collected are available here:

Information on the Titan board game

My reviews at Amazon.com

Hand records and commentary for GIB-GIB vs Meckstroth-Rodwell, 29 July 1997

Hand records and commentary for GIB-GIB vs Goldman-Reus, 18 Sept 1997

Hand records for GIB-GIB vs Zia-Rosenberg, 28 July 1998

Articles on the subject of Factoring Matchpoint Scores at Bridge

Class Paper on Copyright, Contracts, and Technology

Proof that FIBS Ratings are Unbounded

Warlords 3 Darklords Rising game information

"It's Academic" broadcast from 1978

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