The desJardins-Park Art Gallery

Check out these masterworks from our budding artist, Heather! (The scanner changed the pink marker to purple, and the green (treetops and whale) to black, but you get the idea.) Soon to come: Caroline masterworks (some people call them "scribbles;" some people call them "modern art").

A note from Heather to herself: Dear Heather, don't forget to have a play date with Mackenzie. Love, Mackenzie, from Heather. Okay, so there are some extra letters (and words), and some very creative spelling. Still not bad for a 4-1/2-year-old! (November 1998)

Madeleine riding a beluga whale. Also an umbrella, a house, and Madeleine's ballet accoutrements. Does this child have a vivid imagination or what? (February 1998)

Heather Ballerina (her dream)! (February 1998)

An apple tree and a cherry tree -- what else? (February 1998)

Heather and Caroline smelling some flowers. Heather tells me that they're also eating, but when I asked her what they were eating, she said "I don't know; I didn't draw that part." (February 1998)